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Acne Advice – Professionally SafeStruggling to know what you can do about your acne?  Are you stressed in trying to get reliable advice?  Do you find that you cannot control your acne with over-the-counter remedies and it’s causing you even more distress and making you extremely unhappy?

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Acne Symptoms

Unfortunately acne can be very painful and humiliating at any age, but having to daily deal with this embarrassing problem is emotionally hard.  Facing the physical trauma of recurring breakouts, redness and resultant scarring is also hard.  This common skin disease most frequently develops on:

  • Common Effect #1: The Face; this affects almost 90% of acne sufferers
  • Common Effect #2: The Back; it affects over 50% of people with acne
  • Common Effect #3: The Chest; can affect about 15% of people suffering with acne.

Acne Types

This dreaded acne causes lesions on your skin that are generally referred to as spots and result in damaging the tissue.  These spots are classified by 6 main types:

  • Lesion Form #1: Blackheads; develop on the skin which are small black or yellowish bumps.
  • Lesion Form #2: Whiteheads; are similar in looks to blackheads but have a white center and can be firmer.
  • Lesion Form #3: Papules; feel tender and painful which appear as small red bumps.
  • Lesion Form #4: Pustules; are similar in looks to papules but have a white centered tip resulting from pus build-up.
  • Lesion Form #5: Nodules; build up underneath the skin’s surface which are usually large painful hard lumps.
  • Lesion Form #6: Cysts; this type is the most serious which look similar to boils and have large pus-filled lumps that have the greatest risk of resulting in permanent scarring.

Even cases of mild acne cause distress and anxiety for sufferers but if not treated quickly can deteriorate into more serious forms like psoriasis and deep lesion scarring.

Acne Identification

Simply by looking at your skin you should be able to see what form of acne you are suffering from.  This will involve examining your face, chest and back for the different types of spot, such as blackheads or sore, red nodules.

Determining how many acne spots you have, the location on your body, and how inflamed and painful they are will help you work out how severe it is.  By evaluating your condition against these 4 grades will measure their severity:

  • Assessment Category #1: Grade 1 Mild; mostly comprises blackheads and whiteheads and a few papules and pustules.
  • Assessment Category #2: Grade 2 Moderate; comprises numerous papules and pustules which are mostly on the face.
  • Assessment Category #3: Grade 3 Moderately Severe; comprises an abundant number of papules and pustules and a few inflamed nodules mostly on the back and chest.
  • Assessment Category #4: Grade 4 Severe; comprises an abundant number of large painful pustules, nodules and cysts.

Acne Advice – Miracle RemedyKnowing this can have an important impact when planning your treatment plan and in search of that miracle remedy.

Acne Advice

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