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Acne Therapy - AnxietyAre you suffering the painful anxiety of Acne?  Are you willing and have the determination to make it your goal to free yourself of this horrible burden?  Are you concerned that you don’t know where to turn?

Welcome to Suda-Heath, our acne therapy and guided health coaching can help you along the way.  Taking appropriate care of yourself is not really as difficult as you may think it is.

Our goal is to steer you to reconnect with your emotional and physical body, and restore your healing power and your life.  Change is the only guarantee to health and a life free from acne, and YOU can do this!

Your health is really precious and with the right acne therapy you will

quickly come to value it again!

Treatment for acne depends on the severity of your condition. Typically, it can take up to 3 months of treatment to start working and several months before your acne symptoms improve.

Remember, YOU can change the acne problem you think you can’t change.  Our guided roadmap approach will help change what you think you cannot change; health and lifestyle habits seemingly cemented in by your deeply held beliefs about yourself!

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Treatment You Deserve

With the right health goals and proven acne therapy means that you can change as well and achieve them for good.  We are here to get you on the other road, if you are ready, get ready to go….

Whether you are trying to find emotional strength, or change to a healthier lifestyle habit which eradicates your acne problem that has perhaps been following you around for some years, the most important aspect is to keep focused on your goal, stay connected with your acne therapy, remain positive, and keep going along the roadmap to clear skin.

You should be able to successfully treat spots, whiteheads and blackheads with over-the-counter creams and gels that contain benzoyl peroxide in combination with these home-care techniques:

  • Self-help Tip #1: Gentle Bathing; use a mild soap or cleanser with lukewarm water to wash your affected areas and avoid using very cold or hot water as it can worsen the acne.
  • Self-help Tip #2: Tender Care; do not wash your skin’s affected areas more than twice each day as over cleansing can irritate your skin and worsen the symptoms.
  • Self-help Tip #3: Touching Hygiene; take care not to touch your affected area and regularly wash your hair avoiding it falling across your face.
  • Self-help Tip #4: Dry Skin; if you suffer with this problem be sure to use water-based soothing balms that are fragrance-free.
  • Self-help Tip #5: Blocking Pores; stop applying too much lotion, cosmetics and make-up and start using only non-comedogenic (water-based) products.
  • Self-help Tip #6: Nightly Regime; it’s important to completely remove your make-up prior to going to bed.
  • Self-help Tip #7: Avoid Picking; don't attempt to try and clean out your pimples and blackheads or squeeze spots as it will make them worse and result in lasting scars.
  • Self-help Tip #8: Lifestyle Routine; regular exercise can boost your mood and so improve your self-esteem, but once you finish exercising take a shower as the sweat can irritate your acne.

When treating severe Acne Therapy - Treatment Planacne a combination of antibiotic and topical remedies are usually the first therapy options and in cases where this doesn't work isotretinoin could be prescribed.  Hormonal therapy options can also be effective for women suffering with acne.  If develop any adverse effects of find it’s not working check with your doctor or dermatologist.

Acne Therapy

Generally, many of these remedies and treatment plans can take 2-3 months before you will see any results, so it's important to remain patient and continue with your particular therapy even when there isn’t an immediate improvement.

As you may have discovered when trying to find a natural therapy that works is not always as easy as it seems!

But with our acne therapy and guided health coaching roadmap your goal is to simply follow the Acne Free In 3 Days system created by former sufferer Chris Gibson’s and your road to acne-free journey can start right now!


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